European Delivery Program & How It Works

The European Delivery Program is a lavish custom experience for purchasing a new Mercedes-Benz that allows their customers to buy new cars straight from the manufacturer. Mercedes-Benz USA will custom cater a roadtrip to Europe for new owners letting them test drive their own car three weeks before shipping their covered new jewel back to their home in the US.

Home of the European Delivery Program

Test Drive in Europe

In this experience pre-owners order a car that is not yet built or can order the latest upcoming model before the car is introduced to the public. Then pay the first month payment that is due before the car is ordered and built then, fly overseas to meet the car and enjoy driving the car on Europe’s roads.

Save Money

If the buyer is living outside Europe, the suggested retail price is 7 percent lower than the price of car in another country like the US. Meaning, their brand new Mercedes-Benz purchase in Europe saves money because under their purchase agreement, they include car shipping within Europe and also car shipping cross country.

This program is an advantage to those who want to travel but it’s not a freebie either. If a buyer is busy and doesn’t have the spare time to take a vacation for 3 weeks, this is useless to them. However, Mercedes-Benz owners are repeat customers and usually have time to enjoy the finer things in life.


As for delivery methods, certain transportation services for your vehicle will save anyone money if delivered within Europe. Vehicle transport brokers offer door to door auto shipping where all a person needs is to wait for a car to arrive at their front door destination.
The process of buying cars in Europe may also require enclosed vehicle transport vehicles and terminal to terminal auto transport drop offs.

But if a person prefers to drive a brand new car that they have just purchased prior to delivery, this is a great program because owners can ship cars cheap while enjoying the beauty of the European countryside and nature.

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