The Evolution of Lincoln

Lincoln has been making vehicles for almost 100 years. Over the years, the company has embraced the art and design features of each era.

The New Mkz!

2013 MKZ

As the company unveils its new 2013 models much focus is on the new MKZ. Beginning at a base price of 38,690 the new design features a 16-valve DOHC turbo I-4 engine. With an available 240 horsepower and a 6 speed automatic transmission it’s sure to get up and go when you need it!

Save Gas

The new Lincoln MKZ has pumped up its fuel economy with 22 mpg in the city and available 31 mpg on the highway. This is good average fuel economy for anyone traveling, especially anyone that plans to travel south for the winter/spring season. Save even more cash for your travels when you ship your vehicle using our hand selected, reliable, and high rated haulers.

Newest Technology

The new MKS is hip with all the latest and greatest technologies. The MyLincoln Touch system features a touch screen in the dash and hand controls on the steering wheel to control audio, settings, navigation, and climate control features. Dealerships will be seeing many of these new and sleek models aboard their carriers as the MKZ makes its debut in dealer showrooms.


Style Reinvented

Lincoln is hoping its new models will re-establish its position as a luxury car dynasty. Similar to its high class design of the 1920s and 30s that blended the art deco style on the streets of Miami Beach with its body style and luxury features. With the new 2013 changes in body style, a newly designed hood, and its full glass roof that slides open, the MKZ is definitely bringing the “sexy back.”

Instant Quotes

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