What to Expect if the Car-Rental Company
Didn’t Save Your Vacation Car

Since we help people figure out the highest-quality affordable auto transport options out there, we also provide advice on common car problems people can encounter when using alternative services. For instance, it’s not easy to know what to do if a car-rental company does not save a car to fulfill your reservation.

Renting a Car On VacationA recent problem with a Hertz rental reservation experienced by a reporter provides a sense of how frequently this problem is encountered and what kinds of policies car renters have to resolve the issue. It also underscores the role auto shipping brokers and carriers can serve to remove potential stresses on a vacation.

Frequency & Hertz Policies

According to a taxi driver encountered by the journalist, car rentals are often not honored. The situation has apparently been going on for some time, if we can take the word of a 1991 Seinfeld episode in which Jerry is informed that his reserved vehicle is gone. To avoid the Seinfeld dilemma, car shipping is a viable alternative to renting for vacation use, and an auto shipping directory can guide you in the right direction.

When a certain car is no longer available at a Hertz location, the rental company’s policy is to give the customer a free upgrade to a higher class of vehicle. If no cars are available, the Hertz facility will either switch you to a competitor – at their expense – or pay for a taxi until vehicles return to their store. Additionally, a $50 credit is given to customers. If you do decide to transport your car to your vacation spot instead, checking auto shipping prices can be simple with a comparison-quoting service like ours.

Policies of Hertz Competitors

Hertz is of course not the only car-rental company out there, so the reporter checked other services to compare policies. An Avis representative outlined protocol that is very similar. Enterprise, Alamo, and National, however, declined to comment. When you are looking into how to ship a car out-of-state for a vacation, we can assist you by performing similar vetting of shippers: checking their licensing, bonding, and federal regulatory compliance.

At Autos in Transit, we like for the customer experience to be as smooth and simple as possible. Especially in the case of a vacation, the last thing that consumers want to deal with is the stress of botched expectations. Our solution of providing up to eight quotes for every client request uses competition to improve service and lower rates. Try us out now through the “Free Quote” box at the top of this page.