Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Where does my vehicle get picked up and delivered?

    You may choose between any of our four auto transport services. We offer open, enclosed, door to door and terminal to terminal auto transport services. If the area is not accessible for a auto transport carrier to safely pickup and/or drop off the vehicle, we will ask to meet at a safe, well lit place. There are some auto transport companies that will only pickup and deliver to terminals. We would like to make your decision making process as easy as possible for you. Visit our Auto Transport News & Tips page to see articles with tips from the auto shipping industry.

  • Do I have to be on location for pickup and delivery?

    Yes, you or the designated person you appointed must be present to sign the Bill of Lading. You will go over a vehicle inspection with the auto transport driver. This is for your benefit, and it is best for you or the person appointed inspect the vehicle before signing off on the Bill of Laden. Once it is signed, the auto transport company transporting the vehicle is in the clear of anything that is found thereafter.

  • How far in advance should I book the auto transport?

    It may be your best bet to book in advance leaving more time for the auto transport company. This helps ensure the vehicle will be picked up and delivered on time. Visit our Snowbirds Auto Transport articles for helpful tips on booking before and after the snowbird season.

  • How much does it usually cost to transport a vehicle?

    There are many factors that can determine the cost of auto transportation. Some of the factors are: distance of the transport, the size of your vehicle, the operable condition of the vehicle, the season the transport is taking place, and the overall market price for that particular transportation route. Fill out our auto transport quote generator to receive your free auto transport quotes, and you will know what your particular route will cost immediately.

  • Can I put any personal items in the vehicle during auto transport?

    Yes, you can place personal items in the vehicle. The total weight cannot exceed 150lbs, and will have to be confined to the truck. Keep in mind, the auto transport company is not responsible for any personal items left in the vehicle.

  • Will my vehicle be fully insured during transport?

    Yes, your vehicle will be fully insured during the entire auto transport process. We have auto transport carriers with insurance policies ranging from $500,000 – $1,000,000. There is no additional cost for the insurance, and if a claim is required for some reason, the deductible is paid by our driver, not the client.

  • Should I choose the open auto transport or enclosed auto transport services?

    This is actually your choice. You will have to determine the type of vehicle being transported. If you have an everyday vehicle then the open auto transport services will work for you. If you have a specialty vehicle, or a vehicle of high value ($50,000+), we would recommend our enclosed auto transport services to protect your valued investment.

  • What is the difference in cost for open auto transport and enclosed auto transport?

    The cost is always determined by the type of vehicle, the route and the time of season the auto transport services are taking place. It is easy to find out. Simply enter your information into our auto transport quote generator, and review the 6-8 auto transport quotes you will receive from our reputable auto transport brokers.