Federal Suit Targets Car Transporters
for Fixing Prices

At AIT, we believe in access and transparency from services that transport vehicles. We only work with the most highly reputable transporters that have the most consistent and reliable service. We also lower your prices by fostering competition between up to 8 companies. That’s why price fixing elsewhere in the industry is diametrically opposed to the mission of our site.

Shippers that import and export vehicles are targeted with the suit. Those companies make up 70 percent of the transport industry. How can we avoid price-fixing? We believe the best way to make sure customers looking for affordable quotes on auto shipping get the lowest price is to have companies independently bid via one secure quote-request system.

Suit by the US Government

GavelThe suit states that some companies have been accused of artificially controlling prices at rates higher than true market levels. The governmental complaint mentions that the price-fixing activities are believed to have been in effect for more than five years. That’s a long history of wrongdoing if it’s true. We have a long history with our providers so that when you’re transporting to Florida or any US state, you know you’re working with an experienced company.

The firms listed in the lawsuit were purportedly attempting to limit free-market competition. As a leader in the transport industry, we will never be involved in a lawsuit like this one because we are our customers’ advocate. We vet transporters to ensure they are bonded, insured, and in full regulatory compliance. Once that process is complete, customers and providers can participate in open bidding; that way, whether you’re shipping to Missouri or elsewhere nationwide, you get the best deal.

Consumers & Class-Action Request

The US government believes the car shippers, which generate $600 to $800 million of revenue each year, are guilty of misconduct on a global scale. For the suit, extensive information has been collected by governments in Europe, Asia, and North America. The government would like the suit to be classified as “class-action” because consumers ultimately paid the price of the fixing, provided it’s a legitimate claim.

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