Ford Aims for a Big Leap in the U.S. Hybrids Market

Ford is counting upon the growing inclination of the consumers towards more fuel-efficient automobiles to market its all-new 2013 Fusion hybrid cars. Ford has kept high expectations from the hybrid version, and expects about 15% of its customers for midsize sedans to select gas-electric hybrid or Energi plug-in models.

Ford Makes the Right Calls

Now that is a huge leap of faith, considering that hybrids only accounted for 4.5% of all sedan sales in 2011. If Ford Fusion achieves sales of 300,000 in 2013, the company’s expectation is that the hybrid/plug-in models would account for 45,000 of those sales, which would be more than double Fusion hybrid’s earlier best record of 20,816 vehicles sold in 2010. And even better yet, another aspect of Ford, is that Ford did not warrant a bail out in 2009 such as a GM and Chrysler. So Ford does not owe America billions of dollars which is better for America’s financial health. Many people wonder why Chrysler and GM did not just go through the normal bankruptcy process like any other company, big or small, that was or is struggling.

Impact on Auto Movers

Automobile transport companies ought to take notice of this emerging trend that is skewed in favor of greener vehicles. That indicates an oncoming change in consumer preferences, which the auto hauler industry needs to analyze closely. It is quite simple, with unnecessary high gas prices because of debilitating regulations and taxes, gas prices are high when they should not be. Furthermore, the vehicle shipping services that follow the changing trends have a better chance of staying ahead of their competition.

Smart interstate auto movers will orient their marketing strategies in a way that reflects their corporate image as an environmentally friendly and a fuel-efficient company. Consumers are likely to have a preference for such companies, even though car transport prices will still remain the ultimate deciding factor for a large number of consumers.

Ford’s Strengths in Hybrid Technology

Ford is looking at the larger external factors that will primarily drive the demand for hybrids in the United States. Gas prices have been showing an upward trend, which mean that many customers will simply choose a hybrid because of their lower fuel consumption. Cheap car shipping for environment-friendly vehicles can help define the image of a car hauling company as a pro-environment company.

Secondly, a wide range of new competing hybrids is expected to expand the market for hybrids and lead to greater acceptance of these eco-friendly vehicles. The bold exterior styling of Fusion and a penetrative pricing strategy that minimizes the pricing gap between hybrids and some of the gas-engine versions should help Ford meet its expectations from hybrids next year.

Green Marketing for Auto Car Movers

One of the innovative marketing strategies that leading national auto transport businesses can adopt is to offer discounts and incentives on shipments of hybrids and other fuel-efficient vehicles. That can become an excellent marketing differentiator.

A Simple Choice

Many potential customers are likely to identify themselves more closely with such auto movers that offer the best reviewed auto transport for environment-friendly vehicles. It will not only help the mover company garner more business in the hybrid segment, but also encourage other customers to choose an innovative green shipping company for their open vehicle transportation needs.

Shipping with Autos in Transit

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