Ford Motor Company New TV Show “Escape Routes”

Ford Motor Company has created a reality TV show called “Escape Routes” that will promote the new 2013 Ford Escape. Reality TV has been around for awhile now, but this is something completely different than any other car company has done before. A smart strategy for Ford was to not buy a time slot from NBC, but rather ceded all of the ad revenue to the network. NBC will air six episodes this way, and the only catch was that no other automaker could advertise during that time slot.

Ford Escape Routes on NBC!

The concept for the TV show is 6 two-person teams travel coast to coast doing various adventurous activities with their Ford Escapes. Ford has been on top of the social media and internet markets, but a TV show is out of it’s realm. It is a big risk, but it could pay off in a BIG way if the new Ford Escape sells record numbers.

The first episode is to air Saturday March 31st at 8:00 on NBC with a replay at 11:00 on mun2. The episodes will also air on the networks respective websites starting the following day.