A Look at General Motors’ Attempts to Increase US EV Sales

General MotorsAmerican automaker GM is focusing on its Chevy Spark model as a piece of its effort to get higher sales for electric vehicles (EV’s) in its domestic market. The Spark has previously been available only as a hybrid. It will now also be offered in 100% electric format. Increasing options while simplifying the buying process is a primary concern throughout the automotive industry, such as when vehicle transporter websites improve the ability to assess competition for those figuring out vehicle shipping alternatives.

LA Introduction

The LA Auto Show is one of the largest annual car showcases in the United States. Chevy gave a first public presentation of the new EV vehicle at the LA event. The vehicle will not be immediately available for purchase throughout the nation – instead, it will first only be offered on the West Coast. It will start showing up at auto dealerships in the middle of 2013. California is one of the states where it will first appear. Transport companies will look to move the Spark elsewhere for those who want it or any California cars in other locations.

Electricity Required

It is already possible to go 100% electric in a Chevy vehicle – but it only exists as an optional mode. The sedan version of the current Volt can be run in this fashion. The new model, though, will not have any internal combustion capabilities for purists of the electric trend. General Motors is notably not releasing the distance that the EV car will be able to be driven before having to plug it in for more juice, a major hindrance for those considering shifting from a hybrid to a car with only electric capabilities. Due to electric vehicles’ short driving range before losing power, consumers or companies needing to get an EV from New York or any location in the country generally need to hire a transport service.

Cost-Effective EV

The primary selling point of this new model is its low cost. There is also tax savings associated with purchasing an EV car in the United States. Getting a good sense of pricing upfront makes it easier for those looking to ship a car to Texas or any nationwide location.

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