The General Motors Turnaround May Impact Auto Transport

Since we represent a number of high-quality automotive shipping companies, we are always trying to help our clients find the best investment for transport service. The American taxpayer was handed an investment it did not necessarily want when General Motors was bailed out by the federal government – and by the Canadian government as well.

Specifically, General Motors was loaned $52 billion by the United States government and $1.4 billion by the Canadian government when the company started to tank during the recession. Some pundits are calling the company a good and reliable investment for American and Canadian citizens – similar to the reliable car transport we offer – now that the company has proven itself and much of the loan money has been converted into gradually rising stocks.

GM’s Debt Payoff & Transport: Credibility & Brands

The chairman of GM, Ed Whitacre, announced back in the spring of 2010 that the company would be paying back more than $8 billion of its loan from the federal government. General Motors seems to be doing a much better job these days. The bailout, for better and worse, may have actually helped it dig in and rebuild its image as an auto manufacturer.

We see a similar focus on credibility and brand-building with the companies who provide services to transport of automobiles throughout the country for us. No one wants to entrust their car to a company that is not highly rated. People also don’t want to pay too much when they might be able to get equal or better service from a more affordable competitor. To help the consumer, we focus on credible brands at discounted prices.

Creating Workable Systems – The GM Lesson

In the old days, General Motors was horribly unproductive at a management level in some cases, as one account of a New York plant suggests. Lack of productivity and relying on tariffs to make it more difficult for Japanese companies to compete is certainly not the marketplace at its best. We bring the best names in our industry – companies who are highly rated at New York car shipping but still maintain affordability, allowing access by all businesses and consumers.

GM cars, and American cars overall, are looking much better than they did in 2008, when General Motors was going through its darkest days. We hope that GM will continue to grow and prosper as a company. Certainly businesses should not need governmental bailouts to survive, but it looks like General Motors has learned its lesson and can again compete with the other companies out there.

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