GM, Mostly Chevy Dominates American Top 10 Most Reliable Cars

In this day, and age, we as drivers need to have reliable cars that can take us from point A to point B. We look for many different amenities when it comes to cars. Some of us look for a WOW factor, while others look for simplicity in form, and function. Then there are those of us who just want something reliable.

About a week or two ago, world-renowned Consumer Reports magazine conducted a survey of sorts with the subject of Reliable Cars. A simple enough concept, but before we get into who the winners were, we need to take a brief look into what actually took place before, and during this trial of reliability.

First off, before any cars were tested, the financial, and logistics teams got together and began to figure out the cost of hiring the services of auto transport. The cars in question would need to be driven to specific locations, so looking into quotes for transporting a car was a necessity.

Once the vehicle shipping costs were finalized, and then the vehicle carriers were selected for the job, selecting which auto manufacturer was more reliable could commence.

General MotorsFor this survey, the vehicle test was moved to an undisclosed area via an unnamed and reliable auto transport company and from that point forward, the testing began.
The tests were comprised of simple functions, such as brake, and transmission wear, comfortably while driving, general road manners, and a few other criteria.

For the most part, and it’s not too surprising to find out that General Motors (GM) came off on top, with having over seven out of the ten vehicles listed. This list of cars is as follows.

  • Small Cars — Chevy Sonic
  • Fuel Efficient Cars (Hybrids) — Chevy Volt
  • Mid-size Sports Sedan — Cadillac CTS
  • Upscale Sedan — Chrysler 300 (V6)
  • Sports Car — Ford Mustang (V6)
  • Large SUV — Chevy Traverse
  • Mid-size SUV (Crossovers) — Chevy Equinox (V6) & GMC Terrain (V6)
  • Luxury SUV — Buick Enclave
  • Full Size Pickup Truck — Chevy Avalanche

Now you may notice, that, there are only nine vehicles listed, and there is a reason for that. While performing the survey among hundreds of drivers who have either leased, or financed all of these vehicles, the majority of them favored two other cars.

The Lincoln MKS in the luxury sedan category, and the Jeep Patriot in the small SUV/Crossover category. Both were good vehicles, but both seemed to provide no ends of drama for the owners of these cars and the perspective transport company that delivered them for the testing. You cannot win them all and in these cases, it is apparently true.

Consumer Reports conducted this survey and came up with GM cars as being some of the “best” reliable cars on the road today, or for tomorrow for that matter. We personally love Fords and Nissans and I do not mind if a car has a specific “issue” sometimes.

We have nothing against these GM winners but feel that a car that has small issues should get the same love as cars deemed as “perfect.”