Is It a Good Thing DealerTrack Acquired Central Dispatch? Let’s Discuss.

DealerTrack has announced its plans to acquire 1st Auto Transport Directory, Inc., an internet service network that arranges vehicle transport and shipping services. The deal is going to cost DealerTrack close to $74 million dollars in cash.

Who is First Auto Transport?

1st Auto Transport, Inc., founded in 1997, provides comprehensive vehicle transport services related to solutions for auto dealers, brokers, shippers, carriers, and haulers within the US and Canada retail markets.

Its services include:

Who is DealerTrack?

DealerTrack is the leading technology and intuitive web based software for the auto industry. By connecting over 18,000 dealers to 1,200 plus lenders, they’ve streamlined the process credit application process. This improves the overall efficiency and profitability for dealers, lenders, OEMs, agents, third-party retailers, and other aftermarket providers.

Dealer Management Systems (DMS) features:

  • Fool proof tools
  • Real time data access
  • Vehicle inventory management
  • Merchandising solutions

That helps dealers drive higher in store and online traffic with state of the art real time listings, accelerate used vehicle return rates, and increase dealer profits.


“Similar to our other network solutions, the acquisition of 1st Auto Transport supports our mission to be the leader in driving efficiency in the automotive retailing industry. 1st Auto helps dealers source and dispose of vehicles in a more timely and cost effective manner,” said Mark O’Neil, chairman and chief executive officer, DealerTrack. “DealerTrack enables the key elements of a dealer’s workflow with our award-winning DMS, credit application network, and inventory management tools, among other offerings. We believe Central Dispatch complements DealerTrack’s turn-key inventory management services, including analytics, pricing, merchandising, group trade and now transportation, for franchise and independent dealers.”

“By joining DealerTrack, we will be able to extend our network into more automotive dealerships than ever before, and it will make it easier for dealers to ship vehicles anywhere, coast-to-coast,” said Wayne Harris, founder and president of 1st Auto Transport.

Bad for Brokers? Yes!

This could mean trouble for as Central Dispatch services spread the gamut. DealerTrack has access to thousands of auto dealerships and will enable dealers to directly post cars on the board. This will delete the broker from the equation.
DealerTrack raised the broker price for Central Dispatch about 3X the initial cost within about 5months of its acquisition. Yet dealers and carriers pay the same monthly fee as before. This leads us to believe that DealerTracak is trying to weed out the brokers during the shipping process.

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