Government Agency Speaks Out
About Self-Driving Car

Not So Fast, Google Car!As the top service in the US transporting cars, we pay attention to all aspects of the car industry. New technologies can be exciting but can also prove difficult as new safety concerns arise. Perhaps the primary example of the nexus between progress and safety is the self-driving, or automated, car – previously legalized in California, Nevada, and Florida to allow Google’s model public access.

Unfortunately, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has become concerned with the ramifications of allowing robot cars onto the nation’s roads. The agency is now pushing states not to legalize the cars except for road tests. Additionally, the NHTSA has advised automated carmakers to test the cars with extreme care and consistent, across-the-board parameters. Regarding consistency, reviews of transporters can help to ensure predictability when shipping.

Recommendations or an Outright Ban

Some auto journalists consider the statement by the NHTSA to be a ban, in effect. However, the explicit statement by the agency doesn’t suggest an outright ban; rather, it urges cautious and contained progress toward full state-by-state adoption. The NHTSA release noted that its executives are “encouraged” by the development of the self-driving vehicle but want to ensure a safe transition to automated driving. For us, safe car transitions are enhanced with enclosed auto shipping.

Beyond the NHTSA’s basic statement advising conscientious efforts to determine the roadworthiness of self-driving cars, the agency initiated an effort to classify automated cars by presenting five separate types, labeled levels 0 through 4. Standards such as those established for car automation help consumers and industry professionals speak in the same language. In auto transport, standardized models include shipping between doors and transport between terminals.

Lengthy Government Research Timeframe

The NHTSA considers its move a preemptive measure to the availability of self-driving cars on the general market. Its statement on the subject is in part a warning to carmakers that these cars will be carefully assessed to be certain they don’t create danger for any consumers. In fact, according to its release, it will take until 2017 for the agency’s initial studies to be completed.

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