High End Auto Shippers

As an auto shipping company that moves high-end automobiles throughout the United States every day, we know what it takes to treat both our customers and their vehicles with the utmost care. Whether we are transporting a Ferrari or a Rolls-Royce, we know that the vehicle is a highly treasured possession of our customer. We treat each ultra-luxury car like it is our own, never forgetting its value is not just about price – though our vehicle transport quotes are highly competitive – but also sentimental appeal.

As a high-end shipping expert service, we have watched the market with great interest as it has rebounded from low sales during 2012. Because of this resurgence, particularly noticeable in Europe, car shipping services are now vying for the opportunity to move these vehicles, whether between terminals or direct locations.

Ultra-Luxury Rebound in Geneva, Switzerland

The Geneva Motor Show, underway during mid-March, exhibited the effects of this rebound. Ferrari, for instance, displayed its $1.3 million hybrid model, the LaFerrari. Anytime an auto show takes place, many collectors, automakers, and others presenting vehicles at the event look into vehicle shipping brokers. Online reviews of potential shippers give those seeking transport services helpful information to make their decisions.

In Geneva, in addition to Ferrari’s contribution to the show, Bentley was presenting a redesigned Continental Flying Spur. Jaguar unveiled the 2014 version of the speediest sedan it has ever manufactured, the XFR-S model. Rolls-Royce brought a completely new model to the show, the Wraith, an extremely powerful coupe that many perceive as a challenge to a similar Bentley model, the Continental GT Coupe.

How the High-End Marketplace is Shifting

Research firm IHS claims that the ultra-luxury segment, which consists of vehicles that cost more than $100,000, is expected to grow 10% this year worldwide, to a total of 447,000 sales. In Europe the expected increase is 8.5%, even though the auto industry generally is expected to continue to suffer, maintaining a downward spiral that began in 2007. Because this upper-tier market segment is growing, there is stiff competition among carmakers to produce the most exciting new vehicle to retain current customers and recruit those who are currently driving a different brand.

A Tough 2012 for Ultra-Luxury

Ultra-luxury car manufacturers were not completely protected from the recession, especially in Europe. Per the European Union, the group of nations within its membership experienced its worst economic downturn since 2008 during the last quarter of 2012. Transactions of new ultra-luxury vehicles dipped 3.5% to 92,000 cars across the continent. The worldwide figures nonetheless rose 6%, following a 15% increase during 2011.