Honda Expedited New Design of 2013 Civic in Response to Harsh Reviews

Car buyers, automobile critics, and even Honda dealerships riddled the company with complaints since the release of the 2012 Honda Civic. In response Honda raced to change the design of the 2013 version to regain the model’s reputation. Similarly, consideration of reputation is crucial when determining which auto transfer company you want to use.

2012 Civic Seemed Cheaply Made

The 2012 Civic was a new generation of the vehicle. It is highly unusual for a car manufacturer to conduct design overhauls in such rapid succession. The 2012 Civic was criticized especially for seeming cheaply produced. Despite the down economy, those in the car community had come to expect higher quality from the model. Even when looking for a discount on your auto transport, you want to make sure you don’t lose quality, trustworthiness, or reliability. The quality wasn’t there and Honda knew it:

Updates All Around

The body of the car has been updated to feel sporty rather than excessively functional. The inside of the car was especially panned, so it is was modified extensively. Operability was also targeted for improvement. Since any analysis involves a number of sometimes conflicting factors, it’s helpful to have a service that vets companies and presents alternatives in one place – a service presenting companies that move cars is one example.

The redesign of the Civic was on display during the Los Angeles Auto Show. It became available for purchase in November. The changes in the 2013 version of the vehicle are readily apparent at first glance as well as when stepping inside and test-driving the car.

Redesigned Features

The redesign of the Civic features a bolder front end. The middle of the hood is rounded. The general tone is that of force and motion. Small chrome eye-catchers have been used more liberally across the vehicle. The taillights now curve inward toward the body of the car. This kind of attention to detail is crucial to keeping businesses and consumers happy, a fact which is not lost on the most successful services for direct-delivery car transport.

Civic’s Popularity Untouched

Despite the bad reviews, the 2012 Civic continued to sail off dealers’ lots – so it is still enormously popular. The redesign was in part an effort to return to old standards sorely missed by fans and professionals involved with the vehicle.

You Buy It, We Ship It!

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