New Honda Prototype: Electric Micro-Car

The Microcar!Honda recently unveiled its Micro Commuter Prototype – an extremely small concept car. The electric vehicle (EV), released independently by the company in Japan, targets guidelines in the country designating a type of vehicle so small that it borders on becoming a motorcycle. Owners of electric vehicles often need to find quality transport companies since getting an EV from one state to another can be difficult.

Actually a Revision

The new prototype is actually a revision – it is an updated and more utilitarian version of a prototype Honda presented at an auto show earlier in the year.1 The previous version of the Micro Commuter was difficult for anyone to take seriously because its steering wheel looked and operated more like a joystick. This new version is closer to a model that might actually hit the road. When it does hit the road, chances are most owners will use contained methods rather than open-air methods to transport their vehicles.

Japanese Law Says Only 2 Seats, But They Made One with 3

The Japanese law on micro vehicles is that they should only have room for two people – in this sense; Honda has not complied completely with the code. The prototype has one seat for the driver and two seats for diminutive folks – most likely children – in the back. It includes an optional converter to allow the backseat to fit one adult instead.

The vehicle is completely electric. Since the longevity of electrical charge in EV’s is so abysmal, this car will have an advantage over standard electric cars that are on the marketplace today. Though its driving range is less than 40 miles – which is par for the course among electric cars – the Commuter only needs three hours to recharge, as opposed to a standard 10 hours for an average electric vehicle. Since recharging electric cars is such a hassle, owners of EV’s appreciate clear side-by-side comparison when moving their vehicles.

3 Different Versions

There are three different versions of the vehicle – each identical mechanically but possessing a different body type: convertible, hatchback, and pickup truck.

The dashboard allows a driver to plug in an iPad or other tablet. The tablet is recharged automatically, but not by the car battery – by solar panels on the top of the car. Using software provided by Honda, the tablet accesses live information such as GPS details and even a camera feed out of the rear of the vehicle. Clear understanding and communication are crucial to winning business with electric vehicle customers, as state-to-state vehicle movers will attest.

Might as Well Transport Your New Vehicle

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