The Honest Way an Auto Transport Quote Is Determined

Totaling the CostWhen you are considering moving your car across country, two important factors will usually weigh on your mind. The first is the safety and security of your vehicle during the move and the second is the cost. If you talk to the representatives of one or two companies, or contact a broker, they may be able to address most of your concerns satisfactorily.

Compare and Contrast

During your inquiry, you should also ask the company for the best possible quotes to your desired destination. You can do a personal cost-benefit analysis on the basis of the prices quoted by the shippers and the kind of services they offer against those prices. You may not necessarily be looking for cheap service, but it helps to understand how transporters determine the rates which they quote to you.

How Far or how Difficult is the Destination?

The most straightforward factor that goes into determining your quote is the physical distance from the point of pick-up of your vehicle to the point of delivery. The amount of fuel that will be consumed to cover this distance, the potential wear and tear of the carrier involved, and the time and effort taken by the driver and other staff members during transit will all coincide to determine the price they will charge you.

Another element, apart from distance, is how difficult it may be to reach that destination. For regular destinations where a number of shipments are taking place every day, the transport companies may be able to offer very competitive rates. However, if the destination is such that it is difficult to reach, or the company does not have a regular service to that destination, the cost of shipping to such destination is likely to go up. For instance, if you are shipping a car to Oroville, California which is in the middle of nowhere, you can expect to pay a little more because of this location. All distances will be considered. If you are shipping a car to Dallas, Texas, not a problem, everyone knows where this is and there is an abundance of business activity occurs.

What is the Time of Shipment?

If you speak to one or more experienced brokers, they may be able to guide you through the estimated rates during the peak season and the off-season. The largest volume of auto shipments usually takes place during the summer months. Most of the companies are heavily booked during these months, and you may not be able to attain the cheapest prices during this period.

Secondly, the quotes may also vary depending on how urgent your shipment is. If you want your delivery at a very short notice during the peak season, and have a tight deadline for arrival at the destination, the company may charge a higher price to accommodate your special requirements.

What is the Mode of Transport?

If you require enclosed shipment to move your vehicle, the cost may be nearly twice that of open shipment. Furthermore, if you cannot drop and pick-up your vehicle personally from the terminals when using terminal to terminal delivery, you may require doorstep pick-up and delivery. Your auto transport quote is going to be a little higher to cover the extra cost of personal door service.

Honest and Dependable

When you choose AIT you can feel confident that you are working with honest and dependable car haulers. We strive to provide all of our customers with the best prices and discounts available for their shipping specifics. Get moving with us today and enter your shipment specs into our easy to use quote box. One of our agents will contact you promptly to review your needs, answer your questions, and leave you feeling secure about your auto transport decision. Call us today 800-595-2062!