How Much Does It Cost to Transport a Car?

Auto Carriers at Your Service! Whether you are planning to relocate or need to ship a car from city to city or state to state for another reason, cost is always going to be one of the pivotal factors that will weigh on your mind while you explore your shipping options. You can tell an auto transport broker to “ship my car for cheap.”

However, it may be a better idea to receive and evaluate the prevailing auto transport rates yourself and then make an informed decision. A professional auto transport service company is in the best position to provide the latest auto transport quotes and let you determine for yourself how much does it cost to transport a car.

Size & Weight of the Vehicle Will Impact the Cost to Transport

One of the most elementary factors that will affect the cost of your shipment with a professional auto mover company is the size and weight of your vehicle. Most auto hauling companies will charge you a car shipping rate based on the size and weight of the vehicle for a particular destination.

You may look at the possibility of removing some of the unnecessary accessories and the extra tire (if there is one) to reduce the weight of your car. You may also fill the gas tank only up to the minimum level required as per the shipping policy of the car transport company as well or do not stop at the gas station in the couple of days before you are going to ship your vehicle to fill up your tank.

Distance to the Destination Will Affect Vehicle Transport Cost

The distance to be covered for your shipment is the most obvious factor that will determine the cost. Even the cheapest auto transport companies will charge you according the distance to the destination. However, if you are looking at the cheapest way to transport a car, you may try to ship during the off-peak season when the auto transport carriers are likely to offer you attractive discounts pertaining to your auto shipment.

Open vs. Enclosed Auto Transport Costs

If you are planning to ship an expensive or a vintage car, you should be prepared for higher shipping costs. Enclosed auto transport is likely to cost you almost two times the cost of open auto transport. However, this extra cost is worth paying, considering the market value or the sentimental factors associated with an expensive or very rare vehicle. Why take the risk of your car being slopped on with bird waste, absorbing the elements such as the hot sun, hit by flying rocks on the road, or being smacked by road debris while roaring down the high way at 60 mph?

Door to Door vs. Terminal Auto Transport Costs

Terminal to terminal auto transport is cheaper than door to door auto transport services. If you are looking for the cheapest way to ship a car, and you are able to make arrangements to have your car dropped off and picked up from the car shipping company’s terminals at both locations, this knock off a chunk of the auto shipping costs.

Cheapest Car Shipping Rates Is Entirely Up to You

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