How to Respond if a Storm Damages Your Car

One of the lessons we learned from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy is that people often don’t have an emergency preparedness checklist at hand related to personal transportation. If a storm or other natural disaster floods or otherwise damages your vehicle, you can follow the guidelines below – some of which relate to the services of a car transport company, as noted.

Document the Vehicle’s Condition

If the car is semi-submerged in water, DO NOT attempt to start it as this can cause engine failure or even a fire. Photograph the car and its surroundings. These photographs will be extremely helpful for quick reimbursement from the insurance companies.

Secure the Perimeter

If windows or doors are no longer sealing properly, use tarps and packaging tape to fill any gaps so that no additional deterioration occurs. Use a similar philosophy to the considerations of safety you’d use when looking into transporting a car cross-country.

Look Over Your Coverage

Whereas a comprehensive policy financially protects you from what’s commonly called “acts of God,” a liability policy will not pay in these situations. If you are unsure, contact your insurer to verify whether you can collect. Similarly, when looking into car transport, you want a reliable company that is fully licensed and insured.

Gauge Whether the Vehicle is Totaled

If the car seems possibly beyond the point of repair, get a professional opinion on its status. Seek out a reputable mechanic who may be willing come to your location to provide an overview with recommendations on what to do next. Either way, you require a thorough check of the vehicle so that nothing goes unnoticed. Once you have a fair notion of the costs, you will know whether to choose repair or replacement of the vehicle. Vetting your mechanic should be performed in the same way as when looking for an honest carrier to transport the car.

Stop Mold Before It Starts

If any of the car’s upholstery has been submerged in or otherwise absorbed substantial amounts of water, they will probably need to replace them. It is extremely difficult to dry them out properly and not be left with a lingering smell of dankness. Also, metal parts can begin to rust; left unattended, this can ruin the structural integrity of the vehicle. Do not waste any time in attacking the water issue as comprehensively as you possibly can. It could save you thousands in the long run.

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