Learn How To Transport A Car Across Country

Learn How To Transport A Car Across Country!Transporting your car across country can obviously raise some questions like how much does it cost to transport a car cross country? Who do I need to call? Is it safe to transport? How long does it take to transport a car across country? All of these questions are answered in plain terms here at Autos In Transit. If you are wondering about any of these questions on how to transport a car then you have come to the right place!

Auto Transport Quotes Will Vary

Auto transport quotes vary depending on several factors such as vehicle size, weight, route of the move, time of the year and fuel prices. It is very important to also inform your provider if there are any special modifications made to the vehicle such as enlarged tires, added campers and lowered chassis. All of these factors are considered in the cost of auto transport. Prices change from month to month so it is usually recommended to not get any quotes further than 60 days prior to your move.

Let Autos In Transit Do the Work for You!

Let Autos In Transit Do the Work for You!Sure, you can call a variety of auto transport companies, receive non-competitive prices, and take a chance on the transport of your vehicle. Or, let us do the work for you, and have our prescreened, hand-selected companies call or email you directly. Simply fill out the quote form to your left, and we will have 6-8 professionals give you various prices based on levels of service. Our brokers/carriers are capable of moving any type of auto within the continental US. We can accommodate any route, anytime of the year!

Transport A Car Across Country Takes a Week or More

Time of transit is normally about 6-10 days for a coast to coast auto transport move. For an example, New York to California auto transport moves will definitely be about 8 days for delivery. If the move is less than 1500 miles then you can expect that time frame to only be about 4-6 days.

Your Car is Safe with Us!

Safety is our specialty here at Autos In Transit. If you’re looking to learn how to transport a car across country then our auto transport directory is a great place to start. It is where we list our more premium providers for cross country moves.

Understanding how to transport a car across country may be a difficult task at hand if you do not do the proper research. We handle every step from pickup to delivery, and keeping you stress free. Contact a representative from our Live Support at (800) 595-2062 as we are happy to explain the amenities we offer that other auto transport companies do not.