How To Transport A Car From One State To Another

Auto Transport a Car from One State to AnotherThere are many reasons as to know why and how to transport a car from one state to another. We have listed some of the main situations that we deal with on a daily basis, but obviously yours may differ than the ones below. Whatever the predicament may be, please check out our auto transport quotes, and allow us to show you why we are one of the auto shipping industry leaders.

  1. Are you looking to know how to transport a car from one state to another because of a new job and need state to state auto transport? Well, in that case, you must realize that transporting your car will save you time, money and effort as opposed to driving it yourself to the destination. Transporting a car from one state to another is actually easier than it may seem because here at Autos In Transit, we are partnered up with dozens of nationwide auto transport brokers that know exactly how to transport cars across country regardless of the time of year, size of vehicle and time frame constraints.
  2. Did you recently purchase a vehicle off of eBay from another state? If so, we can move this for you and if you mention eBay code-119 then you can save an additional $25 from the auto transport broker in which you have chosen to work with. Due to the fact you will most likely only see your vehicle in pictures and not in person, We take pride in providing you with a detailed bill of lading for your new vehicle so that you know it has arrived in the same condition is was purchased in.
  3. Do you need to move your college student’s vehicle to their location? If you prefer to not have your 18yr old kid drive a car 1500 miles to college, then you are in need of state to state auto transport. Our auto carriers are capable delivering the vehicle right to your students college town for an unparalleled convenience. Plan ahead and get great savings for college students moving.
  4. Are you on active military duty and have just been assigned to another state? You may need to move quite a few suitcases full of personal belongings and most importantly your car. Various options arise when it comes to auto transport. You can have someone drive your car across country, use a rail service which usually takes weeks for delivery, or use an auto transport company that transports your vehicle via an auto hauler.