Hurricane Sandy to Hurt Car Sales Says Analysts

In keeping with what has been going on with news about the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, we look into how the automobile sales have been and be affected in the coming months.

For the most part, we already know of the damages that were had during the storm, such as brand new cars being drowned out before they had a chance to hit their prime. Toyota , Fisker, Volvo, and many others have suffered great financial loses when it comes down to Sandy’s aftermath. Multiple quotes for automobile shipping needed to be handled, and then the task of hiring multiple auto hauling companies that would be willing to transport damaged vehicles where trains couldn’t go.

With the auto transportation aspect finally moved to the back burner, what of sales of the same cars that were not damaged? The decision of either making more cars to be shipped, as opposed to relocating cars from different sectors of the United States must to be considered. Once again, the task of finding reliable car transport companies needs to be accomplished.

At this point, automakers now have to contend with potentially slumping sales over the next few winter months, and there are a few reasons why. First off, the cost of automotive shipping has unfortunately put a small tear in the financial pocket. It is not the auto transportation owner’s fault, but money still has to be made from this.

Next, is the issue of NYC controlling over 30 percent of overall vehicular sales in America. How do you recoup those losses? Dealerships and automaker storage sites alike have to scramble to find inventory to replace what was lost. Another point of fact is that Tri-state Americans are struck for cash. Many people did not have flood insurance on their vehicles, and this is a very big problem. Who does, though?

The insurance that potential customers own may, or may not cover flooding, let alone rental usage. They are stuck with no cash, no extra funds, and no car to utilize. Leasing, or financing a new car isn’t going to happen any time soon, either. Some people are still dealing with their insurance not covering auto hauling, and must resort to paying for things out of pocket.

For the most part the government has implemented some relief spending to help alleviate the issue with victims, as well as business owners trying to find a way out of this hole Sandy dropped us in.

It has been estimated, and speculated that Americans directly affected by Hurricane Sandy will come out of this situation in the green. Automakers alike can breathe a somewhat sigh of relief knowing that there is a solid way to get back up from being knocked down.

Besides, with automakers like Ford, BMW, GM, Dodge, Nissan, and plenty others bringing out new designs, and vehicular features that are way more than eye catching, sales numbers are bound to continue to climb to higher levels. All we need to do now is make lemonade out of Sandy’s lemons and take each day, one at a time.