A Hybrid of Efficiency & Affordability:
the 2013 Prius C

2013 Toyota Prius CAs the top provider of low-priced transport from auto shipping nationwide, we appreciate the importance of a good deal – especially one related to fuel efficiency. As regular consultants for electric car shipping, we also understand how the green movement is changing the automotive marketplace. Hybrids are still the main environmental choice as a plug-in infrastructure for zero-omission cars slowly develops.

Toyota commands the hybrid market in the United States, with the top two best-sellers (Prius Liftback and Camry Hybrid) and another three on the top 10 list. The fourth-place vehicle is the Prius C, which matches the Liftback model’s miles per gallon (50) and, at only $19,000, is $5,000 cheaper than anything else in the top 10. Let’s look further into this car, though. We always recommend digging deeply, as with reviews to find the best.

Evolution of the Prius

The Toyota Prius was first released to an American audience in 2000. It used to be unattractive. Now, however, the sleek and aerodynamic design is one of its selling points. The model’s estimated gas mileage ratings of 51/48 are nothing to ignore at a time when gasoline prices are so high (to compare, in 2009 and 2010, the average US gas price was under $3 per gallon). Also because of fuel prices, use care when looking for a shipper: assessing the transporters in a directory can help.

There are now three members of the Prius family: a station wagon, the Prius V; a midsize hatchback, the Liftback; and the C, which is a subcompact version. This trio of vehicles grew out of the original Liftback, which was a compact car for its first three years before transitioning to midsize status. Changes and adjustments take place in all industries, so we keep our eyes out for fluctuations in quality and credibility among brokers and carriers.

Basis of the Prius C

The most recently introduced version of the Toyota hybrid line, the C, was designed using the same basic blueprint as the Yaris (a 100% internal-combustion subcompact). The C first hit the American market last year. Between the 2012 and 2013 models, not much has been adjusted on the exterior or interior.

Toyota is expanding the Prius family because consumers love variety when buying. Similarly, our comparison-quoting automobile shipping service gives you up to eight quotes from carriers competing for your business. To try us out, use the Free Quote form at the top of this page.