Illinois Hosts Corvette & Hotrod Auto Show

Hundreds of vehicles were driven or transported to Rosemont, Illinois, for the Muscle Car & Corvette Nationals. As with previous years’ shows, the crowd was made up of a combination of people who collect performance automobiles for hobby or investment and individuals interested in seeing a large group of impressive cars side-by-side. When individuals or businesses are interested in checking out costs for transporting hot rods or other vehicles, a side-by-side view of options is also helpful.

First Peek

Nice Corvette!

The event included hundreds of cars from all over the United States and two international sources. The most exciting and anticipated features of the car show each year – as with any such event – are the new looks at brand-new, unique custom cars that have never before been presented in public. There were five of these new looks spread out across the schedule of the event. Certainly with a vehicle so one-of-a-kind and valuable, containing the automobile when moving it from one place to another is advisable.

Drag-Racer Bicycles

Two of the most noteworthy elements of the car show were its presentation of muscle bicycles and its diverse array of events designed for children. The bikes were from the 1960s and 1970s. They were custom-built to offer the look and feel of drag-racing automobiles to bicycle consumers and collectors. Though the bikes are not entirely related to the main content of a car show, they fit in well because of their relationship to car racing while also adding something different to the atmosphere. When people are trying to figure out what is the same and what’s different with car transport options, it helps to check reviews of previous customers.


Events for kids included a treasure hunt incorporating various booths and locations throughout the convention center and two interactive exhibits involving model cars. One of the latter exhibits was a competition for prizes that allowed kids to bring in any model they had made at home. The other was a model-car-building exhibit which provided instruction and advice for the little guys and gals just getting started at putting models together. Anyone who is just getting started at moving vehicles can find an online step-by-step guide useful.

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