Important Reasons Why You Should Use an Auto Transport Directory

Fingers Doing the WalkingEver wonder what the benefit of an auto transport directory may be? In this segment we would like to give you some simple ideas and methods to approach the many shipping companies in the industry. We’ll go over why directories are important and how to maximize their use. At any point in time, if you have any questions, please contact us at 1-800-595-2062 during regular business hours. One of our customer support specialists will assist you in how to transport a car.

Dependable Auto Transporters

First, we would like to start off by saying that just like in any other business; auto transport companies enlist themselves in directories for increased visibility to potential clients. Many directories also have very high standards and guidelines for companies to meet prior to their acceptance. These rules can include no bond claims, 99% + user rating on CentralDispatch, BBB rating, etc. So as you can see, companies listed in directories go through strenuous admissions processes and most submit a top dollar fee in order to be listed. This ensures their quality and desire to best serve you. This is a great way to find dependable car haulers.

Instant Gratification

Another extreme advantage to using an auto transportation directory is the fact that you can call 1-2 premium companies and immediately select the one that coincides best with your needs. Selectivity is always a nice option to have especially if you’re transporting a pristine vehicle. Have no worries about 8 different companies calling and emailing you. Just pick one or two that you can call direct and go from there. The key here is to always ask for the manager or the owner of the company and make sure that they are your representative at all times when moving your vehicle. Dealing with someone at the top ensures quality in your instant shipping quotes and this is an aspect many people fail to recognize.

Premium Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed auto transport is the specialty of our premium brokers. If you have a high end vehicle or fleet of brand new cars, your best bet is usually to move via an enclosed carrier. It’s not to say that using an open service will burn you, but if you’re looking for ultimate protection then covered transport is the way to go. Our auto transport directory lists brokers and transporters that strive to better your knowledge and understanding of the auto shipping industry. Our main goal here at Autos In Transit is to be your one stop shop for all of your shipping needs. Contact us today & get connected with the best in the business. Fill out our easy to use online quote generator with the shipment details for your upcoming move. Then one of our agents will call you directly to guide you through auto shipping process.