In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night, No Evil Shall Escape…this Kia Soul?!

Here we are folks, on our last great read involving Kia’s Justice League car series. Our great hero in this final component is certainly not the least of them all. His name is the Green Lantern, and the car that was chosen to represent him is the 2012 Kia Soul.

In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night,
No Evil Shall Escape My Sight
Let Those Who Worship Evil’s Might,

Sinister Black and All of That!

The Ring Chose the Soul

Most of us drivers have seen the Kia Soul commercials with the dancing hamsters nodding their heads to a bangin’ beat, but this time around Kia gave their Soul to some trusting builders who were going to make something great out of something little. After the Kia Soul was delivered, the task of transforming this small car into the next big thing was looming overhead. A bright glowing Green & sinister Black paint scheme was drawn up, and then put into action. The work on the Soul was feverish, and the fast pace paid off. In record time, the Soul was painted, buffed then secretly transported to the interior team that worked on the Kia Aquaman Rio.

Green Lantern Interior

Green Lantern's Ring Recharge Kit

The interior build team installed a platform that displays a custom made Green Lantern Corps charging lantern that is completely wrapped in Green & Black leather, and accented with Neon Green LED strips. Afterward, the windows were tinted, and the exterior was completed with Green accented head lamps, and a laser etched rear glass pane, depicting the Green Lantern himself in action.

Green Lantern Exterior

Can You Even See Out the Back-glass?

As with the prior builds, the Kia logistics team had to rely on multiple transport companies that promised great service with an excellent price, but all of that was for naught. For yet again somebody leaked information about the build, and now the Kia Green Lantern Soul was sitting around waiting to be moved to the wheel fitters for its complete, one off set of wheels. Apparently, it had come down to calling upon that outstanding company that hauled the Kia Flash Forte Koup to where it was needed. After the Soul had arrived at the wheel shop, it was fitted with a set of 17” wheels that were made of high strength Aluminum, and then painted with the Green Lantern logo ring on each wheel.

Finally the Soul was moved to the SEMA Show, and was put on display for all to see. Kia reps put in a very special word with the owner of the transport company that helped out on two of their builds, and ensured that when the next project comes around, that they will be the first one’s that Kia calls to help out in moving cars around.

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