Should You Insure Personal Items When Shipping Your Car?

To ship your vehicle from one state to another, you need to deal with a professional auto transport company or a reliable broker. A vehicle is a valued possession, and it requires proper care during transit. Sometimes you may be having an urgent need for a timely shipment, so sticking to the committed deadline for delivery becomes equally important.

The Search Begins

An auto transport directory is usually a superlative and prudent source to identify professional companies who can make your shipment safely and at a competitive cost. Furthermore, if you search for “auto transporters” on a leading Internet search engine such as Google, you can come up with several leads about some solid and dependable companies and brokers who have made a name for themselves and who compete well in auto transport. Keep the following tips in mind when planning to ship your vehicle. Include customer opinions and experiences for your search as they tend to be helpful, and provide insight for a specific company.

Cost of Shipment

One of the first steps you may like to pursue is to obtain the most competitive online quotes for your shipment. You may not necessarily need the cheapest companies if you require superior handling and services, but at the very least you need a fair and competitive price for your shipment. With the help of an auto transport directory, you can short-list a few quality and respectable shipping companies and seek quotes from them for comparison.

Choice of Services

Most of the leading vehicle shipping brokers and companies will offer you a few options to choose from. Depending on your needs and the value of your vehicle, you can choose the option that is most appropriate for you. You will have the choice of door to door versus terminal to terminal auto shipping.

Furthermore, depending on how much safety you need for your vehicle, you can choose between open and enclosed auto shipping. If you have an inoperable vehicle, it may require special auto shipping services. You can check out a few transporters to see which company may offer you the best price for your required services.

Junk in the TrunkShipping Personal Effects

Most shipping companies do not have a policy to allow shipment of personal effects along with your vehicle. Auto transport carriers usually do not have a license or insurance to cover household items. So you should not even be assuming this. You also want to clean out the interior of your car, certainly of anything valuable, before the driver and his powerful truck even show up at your home or wherever you hand over the keys to the company’s representative.

In any case, if you are in communication with a flourishing or legitimate company or broker through a directory, they will offer you the strategic information you need to know about the shipping policies. The broker may advise you to remove any detachable accessories, extra seats, even spare tires, to reduce the weight of the vehicle, so they can charge you less (less fuel they will consume to haul your vehicle); also to reduce the chances of any theft claims (which was mentioned above).

Transit Time

The distance between the origin and the final destination is the primary factor to determine the transit time for your shipment. If you are shipping during the peak season, the transit time may increase a little. When you are making a comparison between a few leads, you should not only look at the cost, but also how much time they will take to ship your vehicle. Make sure that the transit time is mentioned in the contract, and check whether the company includes any penalty clause in case of a delayed delivery.

Here to Help

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