Is Your Vehicle on the Top Ten Most Unreliable List?

As drivers we need to make sure that our cars are normally, if not always, in tip-top condition. It is mandatory that we perform regularly scheduled maintenance checks so that, we can extend the life of our cars, thus, keeping the cars moving in a safe direction. For those people who have accomplished this goal, they have been rewarded with a car that is completely and totally 100 percent reliable.

And What About Those That Are Not Reliable?

You know the ones, that, for some reason, they just made the grade from becoming a casualty of the lemon law.

Well, those cars need to be considered mainly because of the hassle they cause when a driver is stuck away from home. Stranded drivers need to agonize over searching the Internet via their cell phone to find a company to transport their car, while at the same time hoping that whomever they get on the phone is not only reliable, but can get them to wherever they need to go.

Consumer Reports List is Right Here!

Did you know that Ford Motors currently has three models that have made it to the Consumer Reports Top Ten Unreliable List? These is a bit of a jump, but trust us, there is a reason behind this method of explanation. That is, a fact that one would never want to know even existed.

Say It Ain’t So Ford

The reality to know your 2002 to 2010 Explorer will need some form of vehicle transportation because it broke down in the middle of Scaryville USA is not a comforting feeling. Oddly enough, the insurance that the majority of drivers carry does not cover this nor auto storage of any kind.

It’s not to say that it wasn’t offered, it’s just that many people can’t afford it and coincidentally they wind up having to pay out the wazoo for some hillbilly who is going to “Hook n’ Book” their broken down vehicle to transport some place where it will accrue numerous un-needed charges.

Driving an Unreliable Car Preparation List

Now here is a question: How does a driver like you go about and prepare themselves for the time when a car needs to be moved from one place to another?

Let us explain with a small example first. You are driving on the I-95 when your temperature gauge starts blinking and all of a sudden, there is steam coming from under the hood of your car. You are nowhere near home, banjos begin to play out of thin air and now you are officially stranded. What happens next?

Here is What We Suggest

If your insurance policy does not cover these fees, we would say to call your insurance provider and have them recommend an auto transport company within the area where you are, and then request a service quote from the recommended company.

If anything, try to go online if possible, find that same company’s website and pull up their online quotes. It never hurts to let a company rep know that what you see online is different from what they may be offering at that moment, too.

Next up, once you have found a trustworthy company, you would then need to decide where you want your car to go. This is the tricky part; you do not want to be stuck at a place where you will be hit with astronomical storage fees after the car gets there. If it is feasible, you may want to consider having your car shipped straight to your home and for this, towing is no longer an option.

For this, a long distance shipping company that offers covered transport needs to be sourced. As dire as the situation may be, you do need to keep a calm head about yourself, and focus on the task at hand.

For the most part, we as drivers tend to overlook certain things when it comes to our cars. For many of us out there, we tend to neglect our cars and use them for simple A to B tasks on a regular basis. And while this is going on, the car we rely on is slowly but surely falling apart.

Always Be Prepared!

Essentially, we should prepare ourselves by checking for these things. You could utilize our services, and find online transport rates. If you have any questions, simply ask one of our representatives by calling (800)595-2062. All the knowledge gained will put you ahead of the curve for all future events, good or bad.