Japan’s US Production Boosts
American Auto Industry

Japan & the U.S.As the top source to find the highest quality and most affordable auto transport in the nation, we are deeply concerned with how the American auto industry fluctuates and develops. One aspect of the industry we hadn’t considered is the positive impact on our economy of Japanese automotive plants located in the United States.

As a recent report in The Hill demonstrates, Japanese carmakers are no longer simply importing vehicles into our country. Instead, they have injected more than $30 billion into car and part manufacturing in the US. The Japanese approach amounts to an innovative form of cost-cutting that also optimizes public perception. In auto shipping, we use a similar approach, offering up to 8 competing carriers to save our customers time and money.

Switching from American to Japanese Production

The height for United States automakers was the late 70s. Now American carmakers produce less than half those numbers, approximating the quantity created in the 40s. Additionally, American cars are typically manufactured outside our country these days. Conversely, many Japanese automobiles are built in the US. All industries undergo changes, as we know in car shipping. When you look into how to order car transport between states, use a service that understands the landscape.

Indeed, Japanese auto production in our country has become big business, accounting for almost 2.5 million cars in 2011. Strangely, the Japanese car manufacturing industry has largely become a “made-in-America” product. Almost 70% of Japanese cars sold in the US are also made here. When shopping for a car, the decision between a “domestic” and an “import” has become more complicated. In car shipping, decisions can be complex too, but it helps when car transport quotes are pre-vetted for legal credentials.

Japanese Cars & American Jobs

The impact of Japanese carmaking in the United States is evident not just in the auto sector but in jobs-creation as well. 60,000 jobs in manufacturing and R&D have resulted from this influx. 525,000 additional jobs (such as at parts supplier companies) are partially or fully funded by the Japanese investment in domestic production.

To return to an earlier point, the complexity of an industry can often be difficult to disentangle. In car shipping, we would like to be your trusted advocate. We send you up to eight quotes – all from licensed, bonded, and DOT-compliant carriers. Whether you want direct-door auto transport or terminal shipping, see the “free quote” form above to get started.