Just How Reliable Is Your Vehicle Anyway?

You think the high ticket is preferable when it comes to buying a car? Somewhat amazingly, if you purchase a luxury sedan or SUV, you may end up in the shop much more than if you get a moderately priced and environmentally friendly hatchback. As it turns out, the kind of automobile you drive – irrespective of brand – is related directly to the consistency with which it will smoothly operate. We will review data published this year in Consumer Reports and relate the findings to comparative auto transport rates – another way to save money with regards to cars.

Over a Million Vehicles Evaluated

The study involved surveying readers of the magazines and collecting their experiences. The grand total of evaluations corresponded to 1,200,000 vehicles – so assuming the readers generally responded with accuracy and honesty, the margin of error is very slim. Full details of the car comparison are listed below. As you can see, it is shocking to notice that it seems the more expensive the car is, the less likely it is to keep you on the road. Granted, these figures are related to new cars. Similar to car shopping is reviewing auto transport companies: multi-company comparison can save you money while vetting for only the best possible firms. That’s how auto transport brokers can be useful.

Consumer Reports’ Reliability Scores by Car Type

Reliability Scores by Car Type

Saying It’s Safe May Not Always Mean It’s Safe

Another notable takeaway from the survey is that the cars we think of as safest are not always that. Even if a vehicle such as an SUV or a minivan is built for safety with regards to collision tests, it is unsafe (clearly) for a car to break down on the road. Note below that the minivan fared terribly, closely followed by the majority of SUV types. Station wagons, however, had excellent reviews. The station wagon is a smaller version of the safe family car. That brings up another finding: small cars seem to be the best choices. Another surprise is realizing that discount auto transport can be just, and sometimes more, reliable and safe than going with the high-priced options.

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