Justice League’s Cyborg Themed Kia Forte

Good day to one and all, and Thank You for joining us on our third installment of the Kia sponsored Justice League of Heroes Car Series. In this segment we will visit a somewhat slightly more intensified hero called Cyborg, and the car that is representing him.

Time for the Transformation into Cyborg!


For this build, Kia took it upon themselves to have a 2012 Forte 5 represent the character known as Cyborg. In doing this, they had to rely on their logistics team to source out a potentially well-known hauling firm to handle some of the towing duties that would be had during this project. It did not take long after checking out some companies to decide on who would be the company to handle the Forte’s journeys. After the deliberation was done, it was decided that more than one towing company would handle the job. Needless to say the names of the companies will not be mentioned.

Cyborg’s Interior


The 2012 Kia Forte 5 was brought to a customizing shop where it was completely stripped, and then sanded, like with all of the other cars in this build. At this point the concept was brought to light, and then the car was painted a Polished Silver color, after which the Forte 5 made its way to the interior crew across town. Next up the elaborate interior was then set into place with care so as to not damage any of the exclusive electrical wiring that had been put into place before hand. A ton of red LED’s were laid throughout the interior, to help highlight the Red leather seats, and trim panels. The wow factor comes into play with 32” LED screen in the back of the car while, a wireless tablet fits snuggly between the front two passengers.

Cyborg’s Exterior


For the exterior, a body kit was added along with a completely molded in hood scoop, and Silver 18” wheels were then added to complete the job. When all was said and done the Cyborg Forte 5 was to be transported to the SEMA Show, but one of the towing companies had a scheduling problem that tied up all of their trucks. At the last minute, one of the project leaders did some quick research, and found a local automobile shipping company that could move the Forte 5 from the shop where it was, to the SEMA Show within the hour, and at an awesome bargain. The brand new 2012 Kia Cyborg Forte 5 was now with the rest of the JL car crew sitting pretty at the SEMA show.