Justice League-Inspired Vehicles Unveiled by
Kia Motors

Justice League-inspired vehicles unveiled by Kia motors are the latest creation manufactured by Kia and designed like the superheroes in the Justice League.

Justice League Kia Motors

DC co-publisher Jim Lee provides the designs for each car. Kia produced five Justice League-inspired cars to be used for the upcoming SEMA show. They created Green Lantern Soul, Batman Optima, Cyborg Forte 5-door, Flash Forte Koup and Aquaman Rio 5-door to make the Justice League collection complete. They will soon manufacture the Duperman and Wonder Woman cars but for now the first five character hot rods are available to view on their website.

Justice League Kia Motors

All of the cars are adapted from the Justice League comic characters. These initial five cars are awesomely styled and the younger drivers will surely love them. “It was a thrill to see custom cars based upon my Justice League artwork and sketches revealed at SEMA,” said Lee.

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Justice League-inspired cars are now available to view online, which might catch your interest in buying one of them and be one of the coolest cats around town. They are the first DC Comics cars created and the introductory pricing is doable. Be the first one on your block to act like a Justice League super hero and put meaning to the tune “Do a Batman!”