Kenyan Auto Importers Fight New Legislation

Auto Transport in KenyaAs experts on finding carriers that specialize in affordable automotive transport, we try to better understand our industry through a worldwide perspective. Regulations are not just a matter of debate in the United States; businesses and lawmakers are often at odds internationally as well. Vehicle importers in Kenya recently expressed dismay at the specifics of newly proposed codes.

Specifically, the Kenyan Senate is discussing the formation of an agency to oversee individuals who clear and forward cars as they come into the nation. The proposal, introduced by the Senate’s transport and infrastructure committee, argues that without the agency, criminals have been able to masquerade as legitimate clearing and forwarding professionals. Legitimacy is a huge factor in the car industry because vehicles are so valuable. When looking for auto carrier options, use a directory of transporters pre-vetted for DOT compliance, licensing, and bonding.

Importer Association: Plan is Corrupt

The Association of Importers of Motor Vehicles does not believe that the Senatorial committee is truly concerned with criminal infiltration. Rather, they believe the move is intended to prevent small domestic businesses from competing with multinational corporations. They also argue that the plan is illegal, opposing rules set forth in the East African Community Customs Management Act.

Without knowing much about a subject, it’s difficult to know where the truth lies. In car transport, for example, quality and thoughtful reviews of car transporters can help to clarify the field.

Independent Importers Face Challenges

The importer group believes the plan by the Senate is intended to place additional pressure on independent entrepreneurs. Small importers are already having difficulty competing with corporations that are state-certified to perform clearing and forwarding operations under their own roofs. Competition, of course, is important in all business sectors. A way we enhance competition to quickly transport your automobile nationwide is by providing up to eight carrier quotes at once.

Another section of the committee’s plan suggests that all clearing and forwarding agents should be required to submit applications detailing their finances to the government. Rather than focusing on clearing and forwarding, the Association of Importers of Motor Vehicles wants to see legislative proposals that instead break down the multinational hold on the industry, which they believe constitutes unfair competition and verges on monopoly status.

Arguments between different parties on complex problems exist worldwide. Solutions, luckily, can sometimes be simple. When Americans want to know how state-to-state car transport should be conducted, we are here to help. For up to eight quotes now, use the quick form above.