Kia Infuses FIFA Soccer Tournament
with Almost 200 Cars

2013 FIFA Confederations Cup & KIAAs the top source for those researching how to transport cars in the United States, Autos In Transit keeps up with all late-breaking automotive news and information, not just nationwide but globally. One aspect of the industry related specifically to automakers is the promotion of vehicles through sports events, such as Kia’s recent efforts at a major soccer tournament.

For the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup, held in Brazil last month, Kia provided almost 200 cars to the organizers – including its sedans, SUVs, and multipurpose models. Kia was the official automobile for the event (along with Hyundai, its corporate partner), in addition to being a FIFA Partner throughout the year. Our official partners, similarly, are a “Who’s Who” of the best companies in auto shipping.

Kia, Soccer & Luxury

The Kia cars were put to frequent use, because the FIFA Cup was spread out across six different cities in the South American country. The vehicles – a combination of Sportage, Sorento, Mohave, Optima, Cadenza, and Carnival models – were used as official cars throughout the 16-day tournament. Just as Kia has many models from which to choose, we have many transporters for consideration as well. When you want to know how car transport works, comparing and contrasting carriers is essential.

Kia used the event to showcase some of its more notable cars. Until recently, Kia was known as a low-end manufacturer. However, with the release of the Cadenza and the company’s planned 2014 expansion of the Quoris to the US market, it is now being taken more seriously as a luxury competitor. Looking for quality is more difficult with low-end models but becomes easier when looking at luxury cars. In transport, similarly, affordable auto transport must be carefully vetted.

Why Kia is Involved & Shipping Wisely

The head of Kia for the region, Yong-Kew Park, explained that the cup is an opportunity for Kia to have a high-profile appearance at one of the premier events of the world’s most popular sport. Popularity, as we know, isn’t everything though. When you look for automotive shipping quotes, pay close attention to customer ratings and reviews.

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