Kia Optima, “I’m Batman.”

It was about a month ago when automaker Kia announced that they would be getting into a project of sorts with a few of their cars. That project being Super Heroes, and not just any super heroes. They will be unveiling a series of cars that will match all of the same characters from the Justice League.

I’m Batman!

Kia Optima Batman Style

Their first entry into the realm of heroes, comes in the form a brand new, fresh off the transport truck 2013 Kia Optima SX Limited. Kia wanted this car to represent none than the Dark Knight himself. Although Bruce Wayne would probably have his Lamborghini Aventador shipped in stylish protection from his home to wherever he needs to be in the world with the press of an instant quote button, we think that he wouldn’t mind driving around town in this low key ride.

Murdered Out – Black on Black, Baby!

Murdered Out Kia Optimia

To begin Kia made sure that no detail was left untouched when it came down to creating this murdered out Optima. From what we understand, this project was not done in house, but was out sourced to another customization company, whose name has not yet been released. With that in mind, it’s safe to say that a ton of to and from shipping of this car needed to take place, and it needed to be done in secrecy.

While the build of this car took place, orders were placed to make sure that the Batman Optima would reach its destination safely, and in a timely manner. Even for a rather large automaker like Kia, finding a reliable transport company that would one, give them a solid financial guarantee, and two, provide total secrecy when it came to having to haul any of these awesome looking cars back and forth.

Those are Some Nice Rims!

Batman Rims

As the project moved further down the line, it began to take shape. A Matte Black paint scheme was laid on the body, and then a few Vinyl graphics were put in place to complete the exterior. Next up was a trick lower suspension, which amplified the look of the custom front & rear body kit. Then Kia has Yellow LED back lighting placed in various spots on the car, as to provide a slightly more sinister look to the car. Tinted windows were added, and the finalizing the exterior are a set of Matte Black 19”, 5 spoke wheels that do nothing but purely blend into the body itself, while providing the utmost in handling prowess.

Equipped Bat-a-rangs? No Way!


Wrapping things up with the JL1 Optima is the pristine Black Leather wrapped cabin that has very subtle Yellow LED lighting to match the exterior. Kia also had some of Batman’s weapons on display for easy access for the Dark Knight himself. The finished project was then shipped to its unveiling via wheeled transport and then promptly set up for the world to see.