Legalizing Sunday Car Sales in New Jersey

Car Sale On Sunday!As the most trusted service providing car transporter recommendations for New Jersey, we follow the general automotive industry there closely. Car sales, as you may know, are experiencing a major economic boom right now. In fact, in June the total car sales figures for the US hit numbers not seen since December 2007. Because it’s such a strong point in the economy, one legislator is trying to change a rule that limits dealership activity.

No one has been able to purchase an automobile on Sunday in the state of New Jersey since 1936, when FDR was President. Wayne DeAngelo, a State Assemblyman, argues that no dealerships would be forced to open their doors on Sundays; rather, lifting the law would give dealers the freedom to do so if desired. Sunday sales could be good for the New Jersey economy, helping car dealers compete with New York (another major auto shipping state), Delaware, and the 10 other states where Sunday sales are legal.

Motorcycle Sales Legal

The laws in New Jersey for automobile sales on Sundays are a little disjointed. If anyone is convicted of selling a car on Sunday, they can receive up to 10 days of jail time and a $100 fine. However, two years ago, new legislation was passed allowing motorcycles to be sold seven days a week. As an auto shipping advisor, we operate every day because the carriers that transport automobiles for us seek to meet the needs of all their customers.

DeAngelo stated that times have changed, and Sundays have become an important shopping day for many families. In some cases, it’s the only available time slot for a family to go to the dealership and test-drive vehicles. Making major decisions as a team – such as a car purchase – can be helpful. Learning the ins and outs of transporting cars between two states is facilitated with expert partnership.

Poll: Most are Against Sunday Sales

Unfortunately for those who like the idea of seven-day car sales, the popular vote may not be in DeAngelo’s favor. In a poll on the New Jersey 101.5 radio station’s website, just over 70% of respondents have voted against Sunday sales (as of August 9, 2013).

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