First Look at Limited-Edition Jaguar Sports Car

The All New Jaguar XFR-S

A car show in LA witnessed the introduction of Jaguar’s 2014 XFR-S, a new Jaguar model in the same family as the XKR-S, a Jaguar model initially released two years ago. The new model is closely patterned after the XF, also a sedan. It’s essentially a version of the same loaded with additional power. The four-door model has over 500 hp; it is an automatic with 8 speeds. People who need to get sports cars and other valued vehicles to new locations review their options for transporting a vehicle before deciding on a shipping partner.

Jaguar’s XKR-S

Yea, we wanted to check it out, too.

A Focus on Speed

This car is the speediest vehicle Jaguar has ever unleashed. It can hit sixty miles per hour in less than 4.5 seconds. Per governmental standards, it can only slightly outdo 185 miles per hour. Environmental efficiency has been improved – meaning the cost for gasoline for this Jaguar sports car is significant improved, as is becoming the case with similar vehicles from other manufacturers. As the automotive industry becomes increasingly green, folks are making less of an impact on the environment in all realms of the automotive world, such as when opting to move a vehicle to another national location.

Boldness with Less Resistance

Adjustments to the design to allow it to move forward with less resistance while also adhering it more greatly to the asphalt to prevent the vehicle from lifting make the car more effective at acceleration to and sustainment of high speeds. These features also make the car bolder and sleeker in appearance. Individuals and businesses are always looking for a combination of quality features in anything they buy – as is the case when looking at vehicle transporter rates versus the quality of service and level of reputation of competing companies.

Limited Quantity

This model is limited-edition. Only a hundred of them will be available for sale in the United States. It hits the market midyear in 2013 at a base cost of just under $100,000. When people look at shipping a vehicle between storage facilities or direct locations, they check comparison rating sites to gauge price fluctuations.

Yep, We Can Transport It for You!

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