Limited-Edition Supercars Join the Electric Car Craze

Autos In Transit is centrally focused on providing reliable options for the transport of cars throughout the US. In that role, we appreciate the value that Americans place on their vehicles. Some people care more about their cars than others; but in a vast country where road trip and long-distance move possibilities are endless, it’s easy for us to get attached to our wheels and cars in general.

The Speed of LightningAppreciation for cars is sometimes expressed by longingly staring at supercars – available only to the wealthy, but the rest of us can dream. An interesting trend is emerging in supercars these days: they are going green. As it turns out, “zero-emissions” no longer means poor performance. Below, we will look at two such models.

As time has gone by, technology has developed, and the “electric car” now has a more powerful image. The passage of time also impacts the quality of car shipping carriers. It’s wise of those seeking transport to check the latest reviews, allowing access to up-to-date information from third-party sources.

Supercar hybrid #1: Porsche 918 Spyder

The Spyder is a bit on the expensive side at almost $1,000 per horse – just under 900 hp for just under $850,000. The model’s impressive strength is allowed by a triumvirate of engines (one V8 internal combustion and two electrics), allowing it to hit 60 miles an hour in under three seconds. The car allows the driver to go fully electric with the push of a button, although it can’t quite hit 20 miles in that mode.

Even if you aren’t in the market for a supercar, considering your options for electric or hybrid cars can be confusing. The same can be said of shipping carriers, which is why many consumers choose to use a broker of coast-to-coast transporters for assistance in selection.

Supercar hybrid #2: Ferrari LaFerrari

If you really want to invest in an environmentally friendly supercar, the LaFerrari is available for just a half million more than the Spyder. This vehicle cannot be plugged in. Instead, its electric motor – combined with a V12 internal combustion one – gathers power from the gasoline engine and application of the brakes.

Everyone knows that Ferrari and Porsche make sought-after cars, hence their high prices. In the search for quality quotes to ship an automobile cross-country, prices vary, so it’s important to have access to options and determine where the real value lies.

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