Looking for Cheap Auto Transport? Then Be Smart About It!

Be Mindful When It Comes to Cheap Auto Transport!This article will serve as a helpful tool in your cheap auto transport search. Sometimes in life, you stumble upon bargains that are too good to be true, and usually end up being just that. The quality of the deal ends up being less than expected or originally promised. You can apply the same adage when searching for low price auto transport quotes. We’ll go over some red flags, and other signs you should be aware of when looking for a cheap auto transport service.

Become Aware of Red Flags for Cheap Auto Transport!

  1. Make sure you have plenty of time to get your vehicle moved. The only possible way to get your vehicle transported for a rate at well below the market value is if a driver is in desperate need to fill a spot on their trailer, and your vehicle is the only one listed in that location. At this point, the auto transport carrier would much rather take your car than go back with an empty spot, even if it is severely underpriced. Obviously, the downfall to this is the unpredictability of when a trucker will find himself in that position. Cheap auto transport services completely depend on your ability to have excess time to move your vehicle.

  2. Be aware of auto transport companies that quote $200-$400 lower than everyone else, and also state that your vehicle will get picked up in the standard 1-7 days. This will not hold true 99% of the time. The auto transport broker will collect your deposit then take weeks to months to not shipping your vehicle at all. Cheap auto transport quotes are the ones that give you the biggest headache unless the broker is honest from the start, and informs you that your vehicle may or may not get shipped.

  3. At the end of the day, we recommend not choosing the cheap auto transport broker providing you the cheapest auto transport rate. Although, a couple of hundred dollars may seem like a substantial amount of money, in the long run renting/borrowing a vehicle or using public transportation adds up in a hurry.

As people behind the auto shipping industry, our insight comes from over 11 years of experience. It is up to you to take it for what it’s worth. Cheap auto transport carriers may sometimes negate quality for speed, therefore, choose wisely when selecting an auto transport company. Allow us, Autos In Transit, help you select a verified auto transport carrier at a reasonable rate. Enter your auto transport information into the quote generator box to your right to choose a nationally ranked broker that best suits your auto transport needs. Start the process of auto transport companies competing for your business!

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Learn the Steps to Transporting a Vehicle

Visit our How To Transport A Car article as it will list the steps taken from the time you enter your information into the quote generator to the time your vehicle is delivered. This will help you become aware of the actual process in transporting a car.

If you have any further questions about our cheap auto transport services, please visit our FAQ page or simply contact a representative from our Live Support directly at (800) 595-2062.

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