Luxury Auto Scam & Fire Investigated in Thailand

Thailand Department of Special InvestigationOur car shipping business, specializing in enclosed car transport for luxury and collector cars, operates in the United States (and to Canadian origination and destination points). Nonetheless, we stay abreast of worldwide automotive developments, such as the report that Thailand governmental officials have been implicated in an effort to keep high-end cars off the government rolls.

According to the report, Thailand’s Department of Special Investigation opened an inquiry into the fraudulent registration of almost 6000 luxury automobiles. The release states that eighteen individuals are suspected of tax evasion. Essentially, luxury cars are believed to have been smuggled into the country in large numbers and then given fake tags duplicating those of other cars. In transport, legality is crucial; reviews of car transporters help ensure legitimacy and reputability.

Car Fire Draws Attention to Scam

Bizarrely, the case was opened following a fire on the trailer of an automotive carrier. First-responders to the scene quickly determined that the cars were illegal. Various government officials are believed to be complicit in the effort to import cars and get them onto Thailand roadways, foregoing the necessary legal channels. Safety in shipping must always come first: that’s why we ensure our affordable auto transport providers are fully DOT-compliant.

Four sports cars caught fire during the incident. A white Lamborghini totaled during the blaze had identical tags to the nephew of former Thai Labor Minister Phadermchai Sasomsap. Sasomsap stated in an interview closely following the conflagration that he was baffled: his son was uninvolved in the crime, and the replication of the license plate was inexplicable. In auto shipping, the variables can be baffling, such as opting for terminal-to-terminal or door-to-door automotive shipping. Fortunately, with a quality provider, you know you’re safe with any option.

Transporter Unsure of Ownership & Choosing the Best

The Thailand case only gets more unusual as additional information is revealed. No one is quite sure who owns the cars. The owner of the auto carrier company controlling the transport truck says she has no clue whose cars they were or who paid for shipment.

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