March 2013 the Highest Auto Sales Month in 6 Years

Because we are one of the United States’ most trusted sources for transport of automobiles, we know that assessing different options for any service and calculating diverse factors can be a challenge. Nonetheless, complex analysis can give us a sense of bearing – not just on individual purchases, but on our national progress as well. Judging by calculations released by online car pricing firm Kelley Blue Book, American car sales seem to have returned from the depths of the recession.

Not since August 2007 have American car sales been as high as they were this March – based on initial assessment by Kelley in advance of the release of official numbers. The prediction was that 1.45 million cars were driven out of dealerships throughout the month. In auto sales, finalizing the decision on a new vehicle is aided by reviews and directories of cars; similarly for us, vehicle transporter directories can help a consumer determine which shipper to select.

Success & Failure among Carmakers

A look at the individual auto manufacturers provides a better sense of why March sales were so astronomical. Volkswagen and Honda – the latter particularly with its new Accord model – both saw impressive gains. VW beat all automakers in percentage growth (9.6% since March of last year), but Honda’s total sales figures increased the most (up to 138K, an 8.7% rise). Meanwhile, Hyundai/Kia experienced the greatest dip, dropping to 6.1% lower than last March.

Vehicle transporters and brokers of auto shipping experience fluctuations in their sales figures as well, of course. A large part of success or failure is determined by the quality of service transporters provide, which in turn is reflected in online reviews. Price is always important to consumers but is one of a number of factors; a record of care and credibility also sways the decision-making process.

Success & Failure among Segments

As with auto sales, our company offers a broad swath of options for our customers – hence the spectrum of transporter pricing. We see different transporters’ numbers rise and fall each month, just like auto segments at the dealerships. In sales, the segment faring best in March was the compact crossover, a mini-SUV. Its projected increase year-over-year was 8.4%, second only to the full-size pickup at 14.9%. The only segment that was down was the subcompact (-6.7%).

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