Mazda Hired to Manufacture New Toyota Model

If you haven’t read what Toyota has been up to lately forming partnerships with other companies, that headline may read a little strangely – but yes, Toyota is having Mazda create a vehicle for its own line of vehicles. We know what it’s like to work with other companies as well – working with car transport companies to help you figure out how to get your car cross-country.

Sub-compact Car

It is a sub-compact – which means it’s sized in between a microcar and a compact. The Mazda-made Toyota will be sold in the United States and will be patterned after the Mazda2 model. In this way, Toyota gets access to Mazda’s design and engineering specs for a model with proven popularity, and Mazda gets access (in a way) to Toyota’s customer base – meaning they can produce more of a very similar vehicle to one they already have, allowing increased profits with less costs for production and pre-production of the automobiles.

Hits Dealerships in 2015

If you think this car sounds interesting, you are in for a bit of a wait. They will be manufactured in Mexico beginning in two years and will hit dealerships in 2015. At press time the model does not have a name. All that is clear is that it will be a part of the Toyota line.

Better for North American Exchange

A couple factors means Toyota can benefit from Mexican production in multiple ways. First, advantage of manufacturing in Mexico is that NAFTA is friendlier to North American exchange than to imports coming from Asia. Also, lower shipping costs will be a major advantage. Similarly, we’d like to lower your own car shipping costs nationwide – whether you need Florida car transport, want to transport your car from New York, or need vehicle transport in California.

Sales Down in October

Toyota’s subcompact sales are nothing to brag about at present. Its sales through October of its Yaris model were substantially behind similar models from Honda, Ford, and Chevrolet. The Yaris regularly has been panned repeatedly by car critics. It’s considered reliable but not otherwise an impressive driving experience.

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