Mercedes-Benz Reveals Offroad SUV: Ener-G-Force

Often car companies will use auto shows to test out real ideas for vehicles, which can then influence how much capital they put into developing the projects. Auto shows are also sometimes opportunities to craft outlandish models that will never be available for purchase – existing instead to show off the company’s design and engineering skills and draw media interest to the company’s vision and conception of what a car could be. The latter was the case with the Mercedes Benz Ener-G-Force. Even though this is a concept vehicle, it’s the type of model anyone would want treated with extreme care if transporting from one state to another.

Revealing at the LA Auto Show

The Hummer Just Got Run Over by This!

With a name that could just as likely be that of a PowerBar alternative or energy drink, the vehicle was an offshoot of a contest — the Los Angeles Design Show Auto Challenge — to develop a vehicle for over a decade in the future, 2025. The name Ener-G-Force is a tie-in to one of the SUV lines Mercedes currently sells in the United States, the G-wagen. You may recognize the G-wagen for its bulk and sharp edges. If moving a valued vehicle cross-country, you’ll want to consider whether the vehicle should be enclosed during transport or exposed to the elements.

Ener-G-Force Created for Law Enforcement

Very Beastly!

While the Ener-G-Force model is designed for everyday use (albeit imaginarily in 2025), it was created as a freely available alternative version of a law enforcement SUV that was generated specifically for the contest.

The Ener-G-Force would run on hydrogen fuel-cell technology, so it would not need fossil fuels to operate. Instead, it would run via water tanks situated on top of the SUV.

Putting the G in EnerGy

Could a Helicopter Land on that Thing?

SUVs are often badmouthed for their drivers’ lack of concern with environmental sustainability – they are after all large vehicles and hence are fairly considered “gas-guzzlers.” However, Mercedes-Benz believes the SUV will continue to be popular. The Ener-G-Force is in part an experiment in striking a balance between style, function, and environmental concern. Similarly, we help folks balance concerns with safety and cost to make the right decision for vehicle transport.

Mercedes-Benz, joining the US SUV market in 1997, is now highly successful with that part of its business. The SUV models count for a third of the company’s American sales.

The Ener-G-Force is crafted more aerodynamically that the G-wagen: its edges are softened. Other than that it is highly reminiscent of the G-wagen both in appearance and operability.

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