Michigan Cruising Event Draws
Thousands of Cars for 19th Year

Cars Cruising in MichiganAs the top competitive-quoting service for auto shipping throughout Michigan, we are thoroughly familiar with the state’s roads. As automotive enthusiasts, we are also familiar with the Woodward Dream Cruise . This year, the event entered its 19th year, with thousands of vintage cars cruising up and down Woodward Avenue in Detroit.

Woodward Avenue, also known as M-1, is sometimes referred to as “Detroit’s main street.” Forming a dividing line between the east and west sides of the city, M-1 is recognized as a Michigan Heritage Route by the Michigan Department of Transportation and as an All-American Road by the federal DOT. The latter agency enforces code for our industry as well. To ensure safe passage for all cars we book, we perform compliance background checks of all the car transport carriers and brokers we recommend.

Dream Cruise an All-Day Affair for Car Lovers & Others

The cruise runs all day, from 9 AM until sunset, when police on motorcycles clear the road with flares. It’s a family event, but Woodward used to be a cruising haven in the 60’s and 70’s. Because this nod to days gone by could bring out the latent drag-racer in attendees, law enforcement is quick to end the event before sundown. When traveling from elsewhere in the state or nation to shows such as this one, car collectors and classic car owners use auto carriers specializing in exotic shipping so that vehicles arrive in peak condition.

A couple of sideshows provide further enjoyment for athletes and kids. The fitness friendly event is a 5K run, now in its second year. The 2013 race drew more than double last year’s number of participants: over 1000. Growth can be good for business, but not always for customers. As brand names grow, prices can start to rise; we keep quotes that our carriers provide for auto shipping low by generating competition between them.

The kids enjoy themselves with a costume contest held at a local high school. Various awards are provided for the most elaborate or unique 1950’s-era attire. Prizes are one way that organizations receive recognition. Another way is with fantastic customer reviews; checking reviews is one way to learn how different state or national car transporters compare.

Finding the Best Car Shipper

When you need a car transporter to get to a show, vacation spot, or any other location, our service makes the process simple. At Autos In Transit, we check for all credentials: bonding, insurance, and DOT compliance. Above all, we want your shipping experience to be fast. That’s why we give you up to eight quotes at once. Get started at the top.