Military Auto Transport Discounts

Our organization is able to lower the cost of transport by providing access to a number of different nationally recognized shipping companies at one time. Our customers benefit by exploring pre-vetted solutions for cross-comparison of shipping quotes.

Jay Leno expresses appreciation for the honor and duty of national service by showcasing military vehicles on his various media platforms. Similarly, we choose to work with vehicle transport organizations based on a shared sense of common business principles – customer service, affordability, and civic duty. One way we showcase the third of those principles is through gratitude to servicemen and servicewomen with our military discount on all our auto shipping options.

Jay Leno, Transporting & Test-Driving

Jay Leno recently had the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the Fuel Efficient Demonstrator (FED), a developmental project by the Army Materiel Command. The FED is a prototype, in a sense. Prototypes and concept cars always use some form of vehicle shipping to reach any destination for testing or showcasing, avoiding wear and tear. However, once it arrives, the vehicle is often driven for demonstration purposes – as was the case with the FED, which Leno was able to test-drive through the streets of Los Angeles.

The reason why the FED is not a standard prototype is because its real purpose is not a design for a new car but rather a guinea pig for the implementation of specific technologies. The Army is using the vehicle to attempt multiple improvements to its vehicles: 30% reduction in fuel usage, optimization of offensive tactic maneuverability, and stronger protection to prevent battlefield casualties and fatalities.

The Value of Partnerships

The military and Jay Leno have sometimes found opportunities to cross-promote. Because Leno has such a large following, he has the opportunity to expose large numbers of people to new technological developments as the military unveils them. Leno’s Internet series – centered around his automotive passion and entitled Jay Leno’s Garage – provided the platform for this particular demonstration. Not only was Leno able to take the testing vehicle for a spin, but he was also able to interview a couple of the people behind its development in on-camera segments for his show.

The military has also realized that through partnerships with automotive companies, they can make improvements faster than if conducting all its research in-house. Commercial automakers, after all, have already made significant progress in some of the areas of interest to the military. For instance, Goodyear developed the tires for the FED, which achieve less friction on the road, lasting longer and using less fuel.