Almost Half a Million 2013 Ford Cars Recalled

LemonsSince we are the top provider of services shipping automobiles in the United States, we pay close attention to all the goings-on in the car industry. Safety concerns are of special interest to us, because that is so important to all our clients. We saw recently in the Wall Street Journal that American automaker Ford is recalling close to half a million vehicles due to leakage in fuel lines.

Sometimes recalls go back several model years, depending when the problem is detected and how long the manufacturing error has been occurring. In this case, only new 2013 models are affected, totaling nine car and SUV Ford models. For those of us in the car shipping industry, safety issues can be avoided by pre-checking carrier credentials (licensing, bonding, and DOT compliance).

Over 500 Complaints Worldwide & Fusion Impact

Although hundreds of complaints were filed against the carmaker around the globe, no fires resulted from the production mistake. Affected vehicles include the following models: Explorer, Flex, Fusion, Taurus, Interceptor (both car and SUV versions), and Lincoln (MKS, MKT and MKZ versions). When looking into how to ship a vehicle between two states, broadening your choices can help to avoid difficulties.

This recall is particularly detrimental to Ford, and American automaking in general, because that model is the best-selling American car and has been biting at the heels of top foreign cars. This recall follows two others of the Fusion since it was released in the fall of 2012. To avoid similar problems with auto shipping brokers and shippers themselves, we trust long-standing relationships of over 20 years.

Ford Says Problem Isn’t Systemic

Throughout the past year, Ford has been increasing production at facilities in the United States. However, according to Ford’s head of US sales, Ken Czubay, this series of recalls is not a sign that the company is experiencing growing pains.

Beyond the fuel line recall, Ford is also recalling several hundred 2013 Lincoln MKZ cars containing engine block heaters. The cord has proven faulty in excessively cold weather.

Safety really should be the number one priority, both when we are buying cars and when we are shipping them. Looking at a directory of car transporters can be helpful, especially when a service such as ours checks for legitimacy on your behalf. Plus, Autos In Transit gives you up to eight free quotes to compare, lowering your price. See the box at the top to get started.