Moving a Car from Florida to California

As one of the most reliable and prominent names in the auto transport industry, we are often chosen by individuals and businesses requiring a professional company to move cars from one state to another. A typical long-haul excursion we make is from Florida to California. Our trips are from “terminals,” or storage facilities, as well as from our customers’ direct addresses. Because we have these two options and because our prices are so low, we are valued by those seeking to transport any type of automobile from Florida to locations on the West Coast.

Auto Transport Rates from Florida to California

Rates for auto transport will vary, and are completely based on the demand for the route. As demand increases, rates increase because carriers are harder to find. You’re actually in luck. We are 20 year experienced brokers, and decided to work with only eight individual companies.

Enter your information into the quote generator to your left, and up to 8 companies will send you quotes. Simply choose the company that best suites you.

Contact one of our national representatives at (800)595-2062 for assistance and concerns regarding any weather conditions.

Great Plains Storm Causes Delays

Some of our recent transports to California did not go as smoothly as expected due to dangerous weather patterns. Our customers rely on us to keep a tight schedule, and this is a reasonable request from any vehicle shipping business during normal conditions. Unfortunately, a snowstorm slowed our efforts. In fact, the storm delayed driving plans throughout the region, affecting over ten states.

Accidents, as would be expected, were occurring in especially large numbers. Sadly, an Oklahoma teenager behind the wheel of a truck represented the only driving fatality. Our company and other quality services in the way we transport automobiles are focused at all times on potential weather-related difficulties. These both allow us to keep our customers’ vehicles as safe as possible, while also giving us more reasonable delivery time projections.

Snowfall Across the Region

Wichita, Kansas, experienced an accumulation of 14 inches of snow – more than has been seen in the city in half a century. Omaha was expecting as much as 12 inches, as was Kansas City, Missouri. The highest expectations for snow from the storm were along the border between Kansas and Nebraska, an area that expected a foot and a half.

A state of emergency was announced in both Missouri and Kansas. Kansas’s governor asked that as many people as possible not go out onto the roadways. He suggested that families stay inside, have coffee, and play games with their children instead.

The storm was so strong that it was expected to make its way as far and wide as Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina, and Massachusetts. Massachusetts was expected to see snow, while other East Coast states were instead going to get hit with heavy rain and winds.

Cancellations & Closings

Air travelers were stranded as hundreds of flights were canceled by the airlines. Drivers had to make other plans as well when a stretch of an interstate highway (I-70) almost 100 miles long that runs through both Kansas and Missouri was shut down.