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When businesses and individuals seek the most reliable and affordable options to get cars safely in and out of New Jersey, they look to our service to assist them.

Like all drivers, we sometimes experience delays on the road that keep us from moving forward as planned – which is especially problematic when your business is well-known for its adherence to scheduled arrival times. A recent sinkhole on the Garden State Parkway, for instance, ground traffic to a halt and kept a number of our transport vehicles from meeting pre-established schedules.

We are a Valued Car Moving Company

The reason our company is so valued by those transporting vehicles is because we do not just give one option with a standard specified rate, and we do not limit ourselves to terminal-to-terminal transport but provide direct shipping as well (though large cities prevent this service in some cases). Instead, we allow anyone visiting our website to compare a number of top companies in the auto transport industry to find not just the best rates, but also ones that can pick up and deliver vehicles the most quickly and efficiently.

Damages Caused by Sinkhole

Safety is a major concern for anyone shipping a vehicle. Whether one of our customers is looking to move a car a short distance within a state or needs to get a vehicle or a whole fleet from one state to another, the customer always wants to feel sure that the service they are choosing will get the car or cars to the desired location efficiently, affordably, and especially without any damage to the vehicle.

Eighteen cars experienced blowouts due to the sinkhole, luckily not resulting in any collisions with other vehicles. We were lucky enough not to experience a blowout, and we are also pleased that the situation remained relatively safe and was quickly resolved by law enforcement and state highway officials.

Sinkhole Discovery & Resolution

Part of what made the sinkhole so dangerous was that it appeared in the middle of the night. Officials became aware of it at 6 a.m., and though it was isolated to the right lane of traffic, the New Jersey Turnpike Authority (NJTA) opted to shut down two lanes to ensure a wide berth for road workers to repair it. The repair was not completed until almost 5 p.m., so the highway experienced backups throughout the day. The NJTA is working presently to determine what caused the sinkhole so that a long-range plan can be developed to prevent further problems on the roadway.

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