Napa Valley Welcomes Hundreds of Vintage Cars

Main Street Reunion 2013As the top company connecting consumers with California brokers and carriers of auto shipping, we know how much Californians love cars. In a vacation area such as Napa, with its award-winning vineyards and wineries, tourists and locals alike gather to enjoy hundreds of classic cars each year. The show, called Main Street Reunion, is a celebration of cars throughout the early and mid-20th century.

Over 400 automobiles were on display this year, with models stretching back as far as the “roaring 20’s.” All the cars were manufactured in 1975 or before. These types of vehicles are precious to their owners. For that reason, when they are transported to shows by collectors, owners pick out carriers that specialize in handling collectible and vintage cars.

Different Reasons for Involvement

Those attending the show come for a host of reasons, even those presenting cars themselves. Some enjoy the beauty of cars, others appreciate their technology, and still others see classic car shows as a form of historical preservation. Since preservation is so crucial to both the value and the experience of a vintage car, whenever one is shipped, it should be transported in an enclosed trailer to avoid damage.

Not everyone agrees on the issue of preservation, though. Some cars at the 2013 show retained their original look, while others were customized with stronger engines and electrical features (particularly power steering). Debates will always arise over issues involving valuable possessions. In auto shipping, a common debate is whether to use terminal-to-terminal shipping or to transport the car directly between doors, a costlier but safer option.

Police Car Also on Display

Even the Napa Police Department presented a vehicle at Main Street Reunion this year. The cruiser, a 1957 Ford Custom 300, was refurbished two years ago by the Napa Police Historical Society.

Restorations of classic cars can be a time-consuming and lengthy process, often stretching out over a number of years. Sometimes a car sits in a garage for some time, waiting for attention. Figuring out how to ship a vintage automobile between states does not have to be drawn out, though, especially if you use a service that checks carrier credentials.

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