NASCAR Making It Easier to Recognize Drivers

Starting in 2013, the name of Sprint Cup drivers will appear on their respective windshields. The intent is to allow viewers an easier sense of whose car is currently on the TV screen. Quick access to information is also helpful when finding a reliable cross-country car transporter.

Making It Easier to Identify Drivers

NASCARNASCAR believes changes to cars – new paint jobs and switches in corporate sponsorship, also assumedly combined with the rapidity with which camera shots move to different view of the race – confuse those watching about the identity of the driver of a particular vehicle.

An overview of commentary about making a driver’s name more easily visible suggests that NASCAR viewers by and large find this change a little ridiculous; but perhaps the younger and/or newer viewership will find it more helpful. We try to make all the parameters related to the car transport services we work with easily accessible so those who are new to the business get a quick sense of each.

Adjustments Going Into Effect Immediately

The new placement is among a number of adjustments to vehicle presentation going into effect for the new season. Manufacturer brands will also be showcased more prominently.

A NASCAR spokesperson announced the concern that viewers be able to have a seamless sense of the race without any points of ambiguity; they also want a seamless sense of each car regardless of whatever changes in its look it undergoes. The paint work on each car is on average adjusted more regularly than in the past. The spokesperson said that immediate relation of the driver to his vehicle makes it easier for viewers to get a sense of which ones they like and be able to seamlessly pay attention to that particular driver’s progress. If you want to seamlessly compare transport prices, you may find our service helpful.

Other Modifications

Additional adjustments for 2013 include:

  1. Logos of advertisers are permitted on top of each car – one per vehicle. Custom paint jobs – expanded from a previous rule for a single-color pattern – will be allowed at the back of the number on the vehicle’s sides. These changes are due to the new ways that the vehicles are recognized by NASCAR race officials. In the past the numbers needed to be highly visible; now, all information passes electronically to scorekeepers.
  2. Decals that are on the headlights of the cars will no longer be permitted to contain number or advertiser information. Any of this content must be moved or removed – by default, numbers will be moved to the bumper of the car.

For now, these new rules apply only to the Sprint Cup but could go elsewhere in the near future. If you want your car to go elsewhere, whether you want to transport your car from Florida or anywhere in the country, our information is below.

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