Need an Auto Transport Military Discount?

Because many of the organizations our company represents provide a military discount for anyone seeking to ship an auto cross-country, we follow military auto news closely to see how our industries intersect. Many people do not realize that the United States Armed Forces possesses a fleet containing a greater quantity of vehicles than any other organization in the world.

Energy-Efficient Breakthroughs

The latest exciting news related to military transportation, and much of the greatest information that has been issued in the recent past, is from the US Army. The Army, as unexpected as it might sound, is going green. Environmentally friendly often also means more affordable, so the Army is saving money as it develops cleaner technologies. We seek to be as “green”-friendly as possible also, both environmentally and with cheap options. Our military discounts provide additional savings as a way of thanking our service-people for answering the call of duty.

Unfortunately, some of the more innovative green technologies overseen by the Army are still in the R&D phase. However, the Army has also developed a system of strategies to become more fuel-efficient. The techniques form a game plan that any company can use to similarly reduce its fuel consumption. We ourselves are reviewing these guidelines for possible implementation to vehicle transport. If they allow us and our affiliates to save money, that could mean a reduction in quotes for our customers as well.

Techniques to Increase Fuel Efficiency

One general tactic the Army uses to save fuel is to lease newly available, energy-efficient and alternative-energy automobiles. The reason the Army leases rather than buying in many cases is because they want to be free to replace those vehicles with more innovative models as they hit the marketplace.

Additionally, the Army looks at the macro along with the micro and focuses on new progress in the automotive field alongside timeworn resource conservation standards. Regarding a macrocosmic perspective toward conservation, the Army has focused its green transition by implementing changes in non-tactical vehicles first. A sample of this transition is moving toward compact automobiles for transporting equipment and soldiers around on any military training range, a task previously performed by Humvees, which are obviously not renowned for their gasoline economy.

Combining Affordability with a Cutting-Edge Approach

Military personnel appreciate our discounts, a small way to show appreciation for their service. Our customers generally appreciate what we offer because we provide the whole package. We give access to a variety of renowned vehicle transport firms, cutting down the cost of all our services. Perhaps more importantly, though, we never forget that new developments are always right around the corner. Because of that, the technology and business strategies we adopt are always at the forefront of the industry, while never undercutting our core principles.

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